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Korean Air flight schedule from Busan to Diu

Korean Air
23H 50M 1 Stop
Korean Air
24H 50M 1 Stop

FAQ about korean-air Flights from Busan to Diu

Q. When does the last Korean-Air Airlines flight leave from Busan to Diu ?

A. The last Korean-Air Airlines flight from Busan toDiu leaves at 15:40 PM .

Q. What is the average fare for the Korean-Air Airlines flights from Busan to Diu ?

A. .

Q. How much time does it take for the Korean-Air Airlines to fly from Busan to Diu ?

A. The Korean-Air Airlines takes 2 hours to fly from Busan to Diu .

Q. Which are the popular international sectors served by the Korean-Air Airlines ?

A. The top international sectors served by the Korean-Air Airlines are from Delhi to SanFrancisco .

Q. Which are popular hotels to stay in Diu ? ?

A. The best-rated hotels in Diu are Hotel-Hemal-Garden .

Q. Which are the top airlines that fly from Busan to Diu ?

A. The top airlines operating from Busan to Diu are Korean-Air .

Q. When does the first Korean-Air Airlines flight leave from Busan to Diu ?

A. The first Korean-Air Airlines flight from Busan toDiu leaves at 14:40 A.M .

Q. How many flights are operated from Busan to Diu in a day ?

A. There are a total of 2 number of flights operating from Busan to Diu in a day .

About Diu

One of the undiscovered gems of India, Diu is the God's gift to those who want to leave behind the noise and pollution and wake up to the music of the nature. Derived from the Sanskrit word “Dweep”, Diu means island. Diu is rightly called the place where sea, sand and sky meet in harmony. This tiny island, boasting of a cool breeze, beauty and serenity, is lapped by the Arabian Sea and is located off the southern tip of Saurashtra peninsula of Gujarat. Diu is known for its fascinating history and superb beaches. The city is a part of the Diu district of the union territory of Daman and Diu. The present day city was originally the location of the Battle of Diu between Portugal and the combined force of Egypt, Turkey, Republic of Ragusa, Venice, and Mahmud Begada – the Sultan of Gujarat in 1509. Located at the eastern end of the island of Diu, this city is famous for its Old Portuguese Cathedral and fortress. Diu is also a major fishing hub of India.

The small and picturesque island of Diu covers around 38.8 square kilometers near Junagadh in the Saurashtra Peninsula in Gujarat. This city is well-connected to Gujarat and Maharashtra by road. A major tourist center, Diu offers a lot of sightseeing opportunities and attractions like beautiful forts, churches, historical sites and museums. Besides, this island offers various natural beaches including the famous Nagoa beach. In fact, the city of Diu is located on a beach. The Nagoa beach along with the offshore lighthouse is a popular tourist destination on this island. The city attracts around 5000 tourists per month. Apart from the scenic beaches and Portuguese architecture, Diu is famous for its vibrant culture and friendly locals. The city hosts several festivals, especially during the winter to encourage tourism. This is the place where tradition mixes with modernity. You will fall in love with the fun-loving and friendly people of Diu who celebrate life with a great zeal.

Diu is great place for adventure sports lovers, providing opportunities for parasailing, jet skiing and boating. You will find several beautiful several hotels and resorts in this city. Diu and Daman are the only places of Gujarat where consuming alcohol is legal.

Diu is well connected with the rest of cities in India. Major Airlines such as Air India, Jet Airways, GoAir, SpiceJet, Jet Lite operates flights to and from Diu to major cities Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai, Delhi , Ahmedabad and Pune.

Diu is an located in Union territory of Diu and Daman, is an domestic airport which mainly serves Diu. In addition to Diu, it also serves some of the cities in Gujarat.It is a single terminal airport which handles domestic passengers.

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