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38 Hotels found in SAO PAULO

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Bela Vista Dakota - 1 BR Apartment - SMH 12634 596 R. Peixoto Gomide,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 744 Reviews
744 Reviews
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Hotel Cinel�ndia Av. S�o Jo�o, 536, Rep�blica,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 203 Reviews
203 Reviews
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Bourbon S�o Paulo Business Hotel Av Vieira De Carvalho 99,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 599 Reviews
599 Reviews
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Aparthotel Adagio Sao Paulo Nortel Av Luiz Dumont Villares 400 -, Vila Guilherme,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 498 Reviews
498 Reviews
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Mercure S�o Paulo Paulista Hotel Rua Sao Carlos Do Pinhal 87 B,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 554 Reviews
554 Reviews
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Hotel Excelsior Avenida Ipiranga, 770, Centro,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 316 Reviews
316 Reviews
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Comfort Hotel Downtown Rua Araujo 141 Consolacao,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 1446 Reviews
1446 Reviews
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TRYP Sao Paulo Tatuape Hotel Rua Serra de Jurea, 351,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 545 Reviews
545 Reviews
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Mercure Sao Paulo Central Towers Hotel Rua Maestro Cardim 407 Paraiso,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 585 Reviews
585 Reviews
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San Juan Business Sao Paulo Rua Aurora 909 Centro,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 179 Reviews
179 Reviews
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3 star Hotels near SAO PAULO

SAO PAULO is a notable landmark that is located close to several restaurants, shopping hubs and other entertainment venues. Travellers staying near SAO PAULO can easily reach other parts of the city by taking an auto or a bus.
There are quite a few 3 star hotel near SAO PAULO that offer excellent service and modern amenities at very affordable rates. 3 Star hotels are most popular hotels amongst travellers as they offer a good balance of comfort and amenities at excellent value for money. These hotels are ideal for both business and leisure travellers as they offer amenities like in-house restaurant, conference rooms, wireless connectivity etc.
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Marab� Hotel Av. Ipiranga, 757, Centro,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 222 Reviews
222 Reviews
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155 Hotel Rua Martinho Prado 173, Consolacao,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 265 Reviews
265 Reviews
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Riema Paulista Classic Flat Service Rua Bela Cintra Consolacao 672,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 188 Reviews
188 Reviews
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Transamerica Classic Higienopolis RUA ALAGOAS 974, Higienopolis,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 67 Reviews
67 Reviews
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San Raphael Hotel Largo do Arouche, 150,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 390 Reviews
390 Reviews
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Riema Saint Charbel Suites & Life Rua Barata Ribeiro, 205 - Cerqueira Csa,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 154 Reviews
154 Reviews
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Real Castilha Hotel Rua Dos Timbiras, 472 - Centro,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 104 Reviews
104 Reviews
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Terra Nobre Plaza Rua Barao de Campinas Campos Eliseo 146,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 135 Reviews
135 Reviews
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InterCity The Universe RUA PAMPLONA 83,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 486 Reviews
486 Reviews
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H3 Hotel Paulista Rua Rocha 217,Sao Paulo,SP,Brazil 501 Reviews
501 Reviews
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