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14 Hotels found in Taba

TripAdvisor Rating
Hilton Taba Resort & Nelson Village Taba City, South Sinai,Taba,EG,Egypt 1554 Reviews
1554 Reviews
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Sofitel Taba Heights Km 42, Taba Newuiba Road, P.O. 46621,Taba,EG,Egypt 3298 Reviews
3298 Reviews
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Taba Sands Hotel & Casino 1 Km, Taba Nwuiba Road,Taba,EG,Egypt 58 Reviews
58 Reviews
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Tobya Boutique Hotel Km 2 Taba International Road,Taba,EG,Egypt 38 Reviews
38 Reviews
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Moevenpick Resort Taba Nuweiba Road, South Sinai,Taba,EG,Egypt 1879 Reviews
1879 Reviews
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Miramar Resort Taba Heights Taba Post Office 46621,Taba,EG,Egypt 111 Reviews
111 Reviews
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Strand Beach and Golf Taba Heights Taba Heights, PO Box 10,Taba,EG,Egypt 2067 Reviews
2067 Reviews
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Taba Heights Red Sea Resort Taba And Nuweiba Highway,Taba,EG,Egypt 1385 Reviews
1385 Reviews
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Taba Paradise Resort Taba Golden Coast,Taba,EG,Egypt 93 Reviews
93 Reviews
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Sol Taba Red Sea Km 14 North Taba Nuweiba Road,Taba,EG,Egypt 481 Reviews
481 Reviews
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Luxury Hotels in Taba


Swiss Inn Dream Resort Taba Wadi El Mahashy El Aala,Taba,EG,Egypt 264 Reviews
264 Reviews
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Aquamarine Sun Flower Resort Taba Golden Coast, South Sinai,Taba,EG,Egypt 110 Reviews
110 Reviews
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Sol y Mar Sea Star 10 KM TABA- NUWEIBA ROAD,Taba,EG,Egypt
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Three Corners El-Wekala Golf Resort TABA HEIGHTS,Taba,EG,Egypt
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