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5 Hotels found in Industrial Area Phase I

TripAdvisor Rating
Hotel Emerald SCO-173, Sec-8C, Madhya Marg,Chandigarh,Chandigarh,India 118 Reviews
118 Reviews
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Hotel Solitaire SCO 902 - 903, N.A.C, Mani Majra,160101,Chandigarh,Chandigarh,India 77 Reviews
77 Reviews
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Hotel Silver Bell. Plot no. 4, Sector 45 A, Near tyre Market, Pin - 160043.,Chandigarh,Chandigarh,India 39 Reviews
39 Reviews
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Hotel White Palace SCO 143, Sector 28 D, City Centre Main Market,160028,Chandigarh,Chandigarh,India 8 Reviews
8 Reviews
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Hotel Rebirth. Plot no. 501, Opposite State Bank of Patiala, Darua, Near Railway Station 160101,Chandigarh,Chandigarh,India
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2 star Hotels in Industrial Area Phase I

Industrial Area Phase I is home to several budget hotels thanks to its proximity to restaurants, local markets and entertainment avenues. The area is also well connected to other parts of the city by a good public transport network.
2 Star hotels in Industrial Area Phase I are ideal for budget travellers looking for a clean, comfortable hotel with basic amenities. These hotels typically offer satellite TV, room service, in-house restaurant, laundry services and hot/cold water. 2 Star hotels are usually categorized as budget hotels and they are preferred by backpackers and travellers looking for value for money hotels.
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