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28 Hotels found in Sonwar Bagh

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Hotel Kohlees Durga Nag Temple,, Srinagar,190001,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 72 Reviews
72 Reviews
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Hotel New Prince Inn Munawarabad Near Azad Filling Station,Dal lake,190001,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 139 Reviews
139 Reviews
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Hotel Holiday Plaza Zero Bridge Rajbagh, Srinagar 190008,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 65 Reviews
65 Reviews
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Hotel Akbar Residency Durga Nag Road Opp. Krishna Dhaba Dalgate,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 152 Reviews
152 Reviews
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Hotel Vikram Mandir Bagh, Gaw Kadal,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 48 Reviews
48 Reviews
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Dandoo Palace Group Of Houseboat Nehru Park Dal Lake, Srinagar, Srinagar,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 202 Reviews
202 Reviews
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De-Laila Group of House boats : Boulevard Road Dar Complex, Boulevard Road,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 36 Reviews
36 Reviews
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Hotel Sterling Raj Bagh ( Near Era Public School ),Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 23 Reviews
23 Reviews
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Royal Star Group Of House Boat's Dal Lake Nehru Park,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 158 Reviews
158 Reviews
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Hotel Shaneel Residency kohna khun, Dalgate Srinagar,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 21 Reviews
21 Reviews
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2 star Hotels in Sonwar Bagh

Sonwar Bagh is home to several budget hotels thanks to its proximity to restaurants, local markets and entertainment avenues. The area is also well connected to other parts of the city by a good public transport network.
2 Star hotels in Sonwar Bagh are ideal for budget travellers looking for a clean, comfortable hotel with basic amenities. These hotels typically offer satellite TV, room service, in-house restaurant, laundry services and hot/cold water. 2 Star hotels are usually categorized as budget hotels and they are preferred by backpackers and travellers looking for value for money hotels.
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Hotel Butterfly Khayam Chowk, Srinagar,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 57 Reviews
57 Reviews
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Shabnam Group of House Boat Gate no 8 boulvard road Srinagar Kashmir.india,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 9 Reviews
9 Reviews
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Hotel New Green view Nehru Park, Dal Lake Ghat Number 15, Dal Lake Ghat Number 15,190001,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 45 Reviews
45 Reviews
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Hotel Zabarvan The Bouleverd,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 28 Reviews
28 Reviews
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Hotel Diplomat Behind Boulevard Road, Near Nehru Park,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India 6 Reviews
6 Reviews
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Hotel Relax Inn Zero Bridge, Rajbagh, Near Modern Hospital,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India
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Hotel Burj Meerak Shah Crossing, Shirz Road Shehri-Khas, Rainawari,190003,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India
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Hotel Grand Osheen Raj Bagh Zero Bridge,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India
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Almost Heaven Houseboats Opp. New Park Hotel, Dal Lake, Srinagar 190001, India,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India
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All Seasons Curious Exchange Road, Lal Chowk ,Srinagar - 190008,Srinagar,Jammu & Kashmir,India
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