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51 Hotels found in Kaohsiung

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Kindness Hotel Glory Pier 169, Qingnian 2nd Rd., Lingya Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 317 Reviews
317 Reviews
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Legend Hotel No.55, Xinsheng 1st St., Cianjin Dist,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 303 Reviews
303 Reviews
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Jias inn Love River No.278, Qixian 3rd Rd., Yancheng Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 133 Reviews
133 Reviews
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The Riverside Hotel International NO.447, Hungping RD, Shiaugang Chiu,,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 84 Reviews
84 Reviews
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Kindness Hotel Liouhe Night Market Qixian 30, Tong-ai St., Xinxing Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 265 Reviews
265 Reviews
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Kindness Hotel Liouhe Night Market Zhongzhen 112, Zhongzheng 4th Rd., Qianjin Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 248 Reviews
248 Reviews
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Spring Hill Resort No.111, Gangbei Rd., Tianliao Dist,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 64 Reviews
64 Reviews
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The Icon Hotel No.328, Minsheng 1st Rd., Xinxing Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 226 Reviews
226 Reviews
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Kindness Hotel Houyi Jiuru 339, Jiuru 2nd Rd., Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 111 Reviews
111 Reviews
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Kaohsiung Backpackers Hostel No. 40, Jiangguo 3rd Rd. Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 66 Reviews
66 Reviews
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JustSleep Kaohsiung Zhongzheng No.134, Zhongzheng 1st Rd, Lingya District,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 455 Reviews
455 Reviews
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Single Inn Kaohsiung B1, No.267, Linsen 1st Rd., Sinsing District,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 532 Reviews
532 Reviews
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Sanduo Hotel No 107 Sanduo 3rd Road, Qianzhen Dist,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 87 Reviews
87 Reviews
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Mirador Hotel Kaohsiung No. 77, Wufu 2nd Road, Xinxing District,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 73 Reviews
73 Reviews
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Shihzuwan Hotel - Kaohsiung Station No.241, Jianguo 2nd Rd., Sanmin Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 128 Reviews
128 Reviews
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Love River Boutique Hotel No.67, Xinxing St., Yancheng Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 8 Reviews
8 Reviews
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Wenpin Hotel Pier2 No.22, Dayong Road., Yancheng District,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 28 Reviews
28 Reviews
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Jiaqing Hotel No.78, Jiaqing St., Zuoying Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 9 Reviews
9 Reviews
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Kiwi Express Hotel - Kaohsiung Station No. 88, Da Lieng Street, Sanmin District,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 65 Reviews
65 Reviews
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In Young Hotel 3F No. 1050, Cijin 3rd Rd., Cijin Dist.,Kaohsiung,TW,Taiwan 20 Reviews
20 Reviews
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