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Tesla - INH 24283

Altea La Vella; TRAMO,Altea,ES,Spain 3 Star Hotel
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Shocked and disappointed luna y on 07 Dec 2017 37 Reviews

Casa Tesla; 4-room house 100 m2; east facing position. Spacious and bright; comfortable and tasteful furnishings: living/dining room with satellite TV; international TV channels; air conditioning and forced-air heating.

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Altea La Vella; TRAMO,Altea,ES,Spain

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Tesla - INH 24283

Altea La Vella; TRAMO,Altea,ES,Spain 3 Star Hotel
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Casa Tesla; 4-room house 100 m2; east facing position. Spacious and bright; comfortable and tasteful furnishings: living/dining room with satellite TV; international TV channels; air conditioning and forced-air heating.

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    Tesla - INH 24283

    Altea La Vella; TRAMO,Altea,ES,Spain
    #1 of 9 B&Bs / Inns in Kitami
    Overall Rating 4 Rating from 37 reviews
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    What People are saying

    Shocked and disappointed

    luna y on 12/07/2017 07:26

    We decided to stay in this place trusting the good reviews that it was written about this place and also the food they serve, but we were fooled.
    Me and my family were SO DISAPPONTED about many things like:
    - The room hasn't got enough space for 3 person and it seems that they don't clean it very much.
    - They don't prepare the futon while the client are eating the dinner or earlier like any kind of hotel that has a futon as bed.
    - The walls seems to be thin so we could hear all the people talking in the corridor.
    - The hot spring is NOT a hot spring. It's only hot water and the shower seems to be broken because it hasn't enough power to sprinkle the water and it drains away VERY SLOWLY.
    - The quantity of the food of the dinner is really a lot! But the quality is disappointing!! The meal that is supposed to be hot is COLD, we couldn't taste the flavour of the crab because it seems to be a frozen product.
    -There is a strange system that you have to pay when you arrive at this place before they give your room key.
    - And when you leave there is no one at the reception that says to you something like " Have a nice trip!"

    Stay for crab meal and Shibazakura Park

    Feimao on 30/05/2017 08:09

    Chose to stay at 船長の家 mainly for crab meal and Shibazakura Park which proves to be no mistake.

    The portion of the crab feast is unbelievably large. No matter how hard we tried, each of us still has half a crab untouched and not to mention other fresh delicious food on table.

    The room is clean. The ventilation is however not very good. People smoked in the corridor and smell of the kitchen ran into our room. The walls are thin too. It would be very noisy if other guests not well behave during the night time. Each room got its private toilet and bath room. The pension also got a big common “hot spring” bath tube for male and female separately too.

    船長の家 got a large parking lot and is very close to the seashore within 5 minutes of walking distance. It’s a nice walking along the seashore.

    Overall, it's a nice stay at 船長の家.

    I love this place

    John D on 17/11/2016 00:20

    Senchou no Ie is a great place to stay in the winter. My friends and I stayed here first in 1989, while we were staying in hostels throughout Hokkaido. The rooms weren't remarkable - the food is great, especially if you stay more than one day, as the best meals come on the second evening. Senchou no Ie provided transportation from the Abashiri train station, snowmobile lessons on Saroma Ko, and a snowmobile trip to see the ice flows on the Ohotsk Sea. They even organized a soccer game for us in the snow on Saroma Ko. I am glad to see that Senchou no Ie is still in operation 27 years after my first visit.

    Well Known Seafood Minshuku in Tokoro 北海道常呂著名民宿

    njstar on 07/11/2016 18:50

    Senchonoie is a well known seafood minshuku - most stay here are not for the rooms (of course you do need a comfortable room for a stay) but for the seafood dinner. You get a table full of all kind of seafood - King crab, hairy crab, snow crab as well as other seafood like shrimp, scallop, clam etc. Breakfast was also excellent. Rooms are Japanese style.
    著名常呂佐呂間湖畔船長の家旅館舒適度不錯. 房間寬敞乾淨. 來住宿的人應該都是為了船長的海鮮大餐, 所以對設施一般要求不太高. 晚餐的確很夸張, 兩個人一滿大桌海鮮, 四種蟹, 還有蝦, 帶子, 蛤等 十分鮮美. 多數人都無法吃完. 我們只好選擇性的先吃蟹蝦等等. 早餐也是很豐富. 服務算是很不錯. 值得一試.

    Sumptuous crab feast

    kwoong on 30/03/2015 08:51

    Was looking for a place to have a good feast of crabs, but did not want to go for a crab buffet where they typically serve you just the legs. Was thinking, since we will be travelling towards Abashiri (where the coastal area is), seafood around that area should be relatively cheaper than the city. So I did my research and read about this Captain's House which offers an affordable crab feast dinner and board at less than 9,000 yen per pax. Reviews were good. We decided to give it a try and were looking forward to it. The reviews turned out to be true. All of us were pampered by good and fresh seafood. Whole table full of seafood. One advice is, although the saying goes, " save the best for the last", in this instance "start with the crabs!" Otherwise, you may never have space in your stomach to get to the crabs! Although the objective of our stay in the Captain's House was very clear (the crabs) and we did not have very high expectation on the accommodation part, we were quite happy with the room. There weere five of us and they gave us a very big room and we were very comfortable. The onsen, although simple, was do-able. The only thing was that we could not find any hair-dryer to dry our hair. The service was good. Although they could not speak English or Chinese, they had taken an effort to pre-translate some common messages they needed to convey and just show them to us and simple communication was not a barrier. I accidentally left something in my room and they took the effort to email me and informed me that they have found it after I have left the place, even took the effort to courier it to my next accommodation at their complimentary cost kindly. Really much appreciated.

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    Tesla - INH 24283 Altea La Vella; TRAMO,Altea,ES,Spain