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  • Fort Khejarla
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Fort Khejarla

Fort Khejarla, Village Khejarla, Via Bilara, Jodhpur(Raj), Jodhpur,Khejarla,Rajasthan,India
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We liked it? PaulMM1234 on 07/08/2017 16:22 126 Reviews
Fort Khejarla, Village Khejarla, Via Bilara, Jodhpur(Raj), Jodhpur,Khejarla,Rajasthan,India

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Fort Khejarla

Fort Khejarla, Village Khejarla, Via Bilara, Jodhpur(Raj), Jodhpur,Khejarla,Rajasthan,India 0 Star Hotel
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Fort Khejarla

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Fort Khejarla

Fort Khejarla, Village Khejarla, Via Bilara, Jodhpur(Raj), Jodhpur,Khejarla,Rajasthan,India
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What People are saying

We liked it?

PaulMM1234on 07/08/2017 16:22

Let's start with the reality. If you like 5* western hotels I doubt you will like this place. It is off the beaten track, the road to it is poor and it is a converted fort so things ain't perfect. However it's quiet and just very different.

We swam in the pool and all was fine.

Highlight of our trip was a walk around the local village which is just outside the fort gates. We had a guide so felt 100% safe but genuinely without one there would be no issues. The local kids follow you, great selfies.

Bit of a cliche but if you want to see real rural India stop here for a night and go for a walk in the village.

Unlikely we will ever get back in this area again but 100% would visit again. It's really peaceful so if you want to relax then more than 1 night is fine. Staff were excellent.

It is a converted fort and genuinely stunning.

Nice outing and lunch

MukeshBiswason 15/12/2016 17:26

It is a fort converted to hotel. Didn't stay. But the staff was kind enough to show us few rooms. After looking at the rooms, feeling like to stay once as the rooms are like classic and for Kings and Queens. It's kind of romantic place. Lunch was good. One can have the feel of Rajasthan roaming around the fort.

Do not try swimming pool specially with kids.

lisha_luion 07/08/2016 11:59

This happend second time.first time we thought its just normal but the second time it went completely terrible.our eyes started burning we couldnt open our eyes for more than 6 hours and still we all are suffering i prefer everyone not to try swimming pool else you may loose ur vision or lesser eye sighting too just bcoz of the chlorine present in the pool.BE AWARE IF YOU LOVE YOUR EYES

Just the property is good and not the management.

kapil bon 01/08/2016 20:21

They miss guides there guests. They don't even remember about there own bookings. So be careful before going as there is no other good hotel near by & you may end up wasting your day.

My experience:
I talked them a day before my visit about whether swimming pool will be available or not they said that yes it will be available and I precisely tolded them that we all are 8 bachelors and they said that no problem sir every thing will be available but when me and my friends went there they directly said pool won't be available I tolded them that we had a talk yesterday and you said everything will be available and now you are saying that it won't be available, there receptionist and manager said that sorry but we can't do anything.

So this is how I ended up at Fort Khejarla.

Beautiful Fort - Just don't touch that switch!

Ursula_in_Auson 05/07/2016 19:48

I think I was just unlucky.

Fort Kejarla is a beautiful old (built in 1611A.D) building on a hill in a tiny Rajasthani village, but I think the wiring in my rooms was as old as the building itself.

I stayed in November 2013, and all the rooms I saw were beautiful. In the first I had, everything in the bathroom gave me a shock. In the second, the wiring set fire to a borrowed hairdryer. The third was in a newer wing, and was JUST right.

I'm sure the wiring has since been upgraded - feel free to thank me. :D