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28 Hotels found in Murudeshwar

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KRS Bharath Guest house
KRS Bharath Guest house Nadavarkeri Cross,Bhatkal Road,,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 8 Reviews
8 Reviews
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Kamath Yatri Nivas
Kamath Yatri Nivas Temple Road,,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 162 Reviews
162 Reviews
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Sri Krishna Lodging & Boarding
Sri Krishna Lodging & Boarding Near Syndicate Bank A.T.M,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 146 Reviews
146 Reviews
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Shree Vinayak Residency
Shree Vinayak Residency Main Road,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 83 Reviews
83 Reviews
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Esha Lodging
Esha Lodging Near Syndicate Bank ATM,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 36 Reviews
36 Reviews
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Vaibhav Lodge
Vaibhav Lodge Main Road, Near Circle,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 29 Reviews
29 Reviews
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Murudeshwar Lodging and Boarding
Murudeshwar Lodging and Boarding Temple Beach Main Road, Murudeshwar,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 231 Reviews
231 Reviews
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Kamat Executive Inn
Kamat Executive Inn NH- 17, Honnavar, Karnataka State India,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 7 Reviews
7 Reviews
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Mavalli Beach Heritage Home
Mavalli Beach Heritage Home Murudeshwar Beach Road, Mavalli 1, Heredomi,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 107 Reviews
107 Reviews
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Hotel Kamath's Yatri
Hotel Kamath's Yatri Near Temple,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 108 Reviews
108 Reviews
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Leema Residency
Leema Residency Opp. Syndicate Bank, Temple Road,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 437 Reviews
437 Reviews
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Hotel Murudeshwar International
Hotel Murudeshwar International Near Syndicate Bank ,Temple Road ,Murudeshwar,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 197 Reviews
197 Reviews
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Shre Murudeshwar Lodging
Shre Murudeshwar Lodging Nr.Syndicate Bank, Temple Road,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 174 Reviews
174 Reviews
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Hotel Kawari's Palm Grove
Hotel Kawari's Palm Grove Opp.Syndicate Bank,,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 454 Reviews
454 Reviews
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Naveen Beach Resort
Naveen Beach Resort Murudeshwar, Bhatkal,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 54 Reviews
54 Reviews
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RNS Golf Resort
RNS Golf Resort Murdeshwar, Bhatkal,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 9 Reviews
9 Reviews
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RNS Guest House
RNS Guest House Murudeshwar Temple Main Rd, Murudeshwar,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 10 Reviews
10 Reviews
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RNS Highway Hotel
RNS Highway Hotel NH - 17, Murudeshwar, Bhatkal Taluk,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 35 Reviews
35 Reviews
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Prapulla Boarding & Lodging
Prapulla Boarding & Lodging Main Circle, Bhatkal Road,,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 87 Reviews
87 Reviews
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Patricia Residency
Patricia Residency Nr.Church Road,Bhatkal Road,Murudeshwar,Karnataka,India 18 Reviews
18 Reviews
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