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5 Hotels found in Vainguinim

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Sand Castles Holiday Homes Sand Castles Holiday Homes,Near Kamat Kinara Complex, Nomxin Caranzalem,Goa,Goa,India 12 Reviews
12 Reviews
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Villa at Dona Paula Villa B8, Ocean Park Villas, Dona Puala,Goa,Goa,India
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Villa Sol University Road Dona Paula,Goa,Goa,India
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Brisa Marina Miramar Link Road,Goa,Goa,India
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Ananaz Hotel Caranzalem Goa,Goa,Goa,India
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1 star Hotels in Vainguinim

Vainguinim is well-connected to the rest of the city by an excellent public transport system. Over the years, the area has become a preferred location for budget travellers looking for a cheap hotel. Vainguinim also has a good number of restaurants, local markets and other entertainment venues.
1 star hotels in Vainguinim offer clean, comfortable and compact rooms at a very affordable price. These hotels usually offer basic amenities like room service, telephone, laundry and hot/cold water. They are popular amongst backpackers and budget travellers looking for a frill-free accommodation at the lowest rates.
Via.com makes it easier than ever to book hotels online in a fast, simple and intuitive interface. Find the best 1 star hotel for your budget by using a combination of powerful filters and quick sorting. Book budget hotel in Vainguinim on Via.com and enjoy exciting benefits like zero cancellation fee, instant confirmation, easy cancellation/refund and 24/7 customer support.

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