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2 Hotels found in Sangolda

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Hotel Mayura Near Market, Marod, Mapusa, Mapusa- North Goa, GOA, GOA, India, Pin-403507,Goa,Goa,India 9 Reviews
9 Reviews
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Tiara Hideaway 7/32, Salmona,Goa,Goa,India
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2 star Hotels in Sangolda

Sangolda is home to several budget hotels thanks to its proximity to restaurants, local markets and entertainment avenues. The area is also well connected to other parts of the city by a good public transport network.
2 Star hotels in Sangolda are ideal for budget travellers looking for a clean, comfortable hotel with basic amenities. These hotels typically offer satellite TV, room service, in-house restaurant, laundry services and hot/cold water. 2 Star hotels are usually categorized as budget hotels and they are preferred by backpackers and travellers looking for value for money hotels.
Via.com lets you book a budget hotel online in less than 10 seconds thanks to a simple and superfast booking flow. Book your 2 star hotel online on Via.com and enjoy amazing benefits like zero cancellation fee, instant confirmation, easy cancellation/refund, reward points and 24/7 customer support.

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