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Today it is one of the fastest growing cities of India and is an immense\nrepository of tradition, history & culture. Its famous walled area is one of the finest examples of\ncommunity living & the city thrived as the textile capital & was nicknamed “Manchester of the\nEast' in 1888. This multicultural city is home to some of the finest Indo-Saracenic mosques &\nJain temples.\nThe old city of Ahmedabad is dotted with labyrinthine by-lanes called 'polls'. The exquisite\ncarved wooden mansions and havelis are marvelous. The city also offers a rich architectural\nlegacy that blends Hindu and Muslim schools of architecture, stone and brick with arches,\ndomes and vaults, carved pillars, trefoil designs besides the modern buildings designed by the\nfamous French architect, Le Corbusier, and Louis Kahn.\nLater visit Dakor Temple –\nThe main temple, enclosed by a fort wall, is situated near the bank of the holy lake Gomti in the\nmidst of the main bazaar of Dakor. The temple is covered with 8 domes and 24 turrets, with the\ncentral dome reaching a height of 27m. Crowned with a golden kalash and a white silken flag,\nthis temple is the tallest in the district. Though not very rich in carving, the main cupola derives\nits influence from the Maharashtrian style of temple architecture. The main hall features\npaintings depicting events in Lord Krishna’s life.\nIt is believed that Ranchhodji, a name for Lord Krishna meaning "he who left the battlefield",\ninspired Gopal Jagannath Ambekar, a shroff of a Peshwa’s court in Poona, in a dream to build a\nvast and magnificent temple. The temple was built in 1772 A.D. The main Ranchhodrai idol is in\nblack touchstone, 1m tall and 45 cm in breadth, richly adorned with gold, jewels and expensive\nclothes. Its throne, an ornate masterpiece of woodcarving plated in silver and gold, was\npresented by the Gaekwads of Baroda.\nLater drive back to Ahmedabad.\nEvening Market at Law Garden displays beautiful textile handicrafts of Gujarat. Must visit to\nexperience the local culture and cuisine and also shop for hand embroidered garments.\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Ahmedabad-Dwarka","desc":"After breakfast drive to Dwarka enroute visiting Swaminarayan Temple in Rajkot.\nLater continue to drive to Dwarka and transfer to your hotel.\nThe small coastal town of Dwarka is one of the four most holy Hindu pilgrimage sites in India. It\nis here that Krishna founded his capital after leaving Mathura. Excavations have revealed 5\nearlier cities at the site, all submerged. The present town dates largely to the 19 th century and\nattracts thousands of pilgrims to celebrate the Holi, Diwali and Janmashthami festivals. The\ntemple is mainly known for the Hindu Pilgrimage site of Dwarkadhish Temple. There also is a\nmulti-pillared Sabha Mandapa leads to a 60 pillared sanctum sanctorum that dates back 2500\nyears according to the scriptures.\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Dwarka","desc":"After breakfast visit Dwarkadhish Temple – Dwarka is known all over the world for the\nDwarkadhish temple, the 'Lord of Dwarka'. This temple is also known as the Jagat Mandir or the\ntemple of the world. This temple was constructed over 1400 years ago and houses the image of\nLord Krishna. This temple is one of the most famous pilgrimage places for the Hindus and\nattracts pilgrims from all over the world. This temple is magnificently built on the traditional\nlines and has five floors supported by 60 columns. The temple is profusely carved from the base\nto the pinnacle. The temple is built of sandstone. The interior is simple while the exterior is\ncovered with elaborate carvings. Some of the major festivals of Janmashthami and Navratri are\ncelebrated with great enthusiasm and rejoice in the Dwarka.Visit Bet Dwarka & Nageshwar temple. Bet Dwarka: Bet is situated at 30kms from Dwarka and\nis surrounded by sea from all sides. One can reach Bet from Dwarka through Okha by road. On\nreaching Okha port jetty, one can reach Bet through a little sea journey by a small boat.\nNageshwar Temple or Nagnath Temple is located on the route between Gomati Dwarka and the\nBait Dwarka Island on the coast of Saurashtra in Gujarat. The Jyotirlinga enshrined in the\nTemple of Nagnath is known as Nageshwar Mahadev and attracts thousands of pilgrims all-\nround the year. This powerful Jyotirlinga symbolizes protection from all poisons. It is said that\nthose who pray to the Nageshwar Lingaa become free of poison. The Rudra Samhita shloka\nrefers to Nageshwar with the phrase 'Daarukaavane Naagesham.'\nThe Rukmini temple, dating from 12 to 13 Century, was built in honour of Rani Rukmani,\nprincess of Vidharba, which was to be married to Sishupala, but fled with Lord Krishna. This\nsmall temple, 1.5 km north of the city, is an architectural masterpiece. The temple walls are\ndecorated with beautiful paintings and sculptures.\nGopi Talav: This is the place where Lord Krishna used to play with his Gopikas. There is a small\npond where it is said that Lord Krishna used to play with the Gopika Strees (Gopika Women).\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Dwarka-Somnath","desc":"Early morning visit the Dwarkadhish Temple and witness the Aarti.\nAfter breakfast drive to Somnath visiting Porbandar enroute visit Porbandar, the coastal\nheritage town of Gujarat is located on the Saurashtra peninsula, on the Arabian Sea. This city is\ndescribed in Skanda Purana as Sudamapuri and Ashmavati and had a flourishing trade with\nAfrica and Arabia. Till date, the spice market in Porbandar draws a huge crowd. According to the\nlegends, this city was the main link of the great friendship between Lord Krishna and Sudama.\nPorbandar was established as a capital by Rana Sartanji in 1785 AD. Porbandar was the former\ncapital of the Jethwa Rajput petty princely state. The most impressive feature of Porbandar is\nthe city planning and the stone buildings with ashlar masonry and rich carving, the facades of\nthe houses on either side of the streets, with windows and carved gateways. Porbandar is also\nassociated with Mahatma Gandhi, the father of the nation as he was born here. Today, fine\nquality silk and cotton are manufactured here. There are also chemical factories and cement\nworks.\nLater visit Kirti Mandir – Kirti Mandir was the house of Mahatma Gandhi and Kasturba, his wife.\nThis place is situated near the place where the Mahatma was born. This place is now a small\nmuseum and also has a Gandhian library and a prayer hall. Bharat Mandir is another place to\nvisit, which houses relief map of India and reliefs of great historical personalities who shaped\nIndia’s future.\nVisit - Sudama Dwarka Temple, this temple is dedicated to Sudama who was the childhood\nfriend of Lord Krishna. Located at the centre of Porbandar, it is one exceptional temple in India\nwhich is dedicated to this great devotee of Lord Krishna. Built with white marble this temple\nhas a number of carved pillars which decorate the temple, open from all sides this temple has a\nshikhara which is decorated with splendid architecture and carvings. These carvings are also\nvisible above the pillars and the arches which adjoin the pillars. With such architecture, this\ntemple is dedicated to the shrine of Sudama which is built in simple structure.\nLater continue to drive to Somnath; arrive at Somnath and transfer to your hotel. Somnath\nconsists of a few streets leading away from its phoenix like temple. The rugged sea below gives\nit a lonely, wistful charm. Somnath is mainly known for the legendary shore temple of Somnath,\nwhich is dedicated to the Lord Shiva. The temple is an example of grit and determination and\nhow to rise out of downfall as the temple has been plundered and destroyed many times and re-\nerected again in all its glory. To be precise, destroyed seven times and built eight!\nThe legendary shore temple of Somnath is one of the twelve most sacred shrines dedicated to\nthe Lord Shiva. The temple contains the Jyotirlinga of Lord Shiva. According to the legends, the\nSomnath temple is incredibly old and was originally built-in gold by the Somraj, the Moon God.\nLater, it was rebuilt by Ravana, in silver; then by Krishna in wood and Bhim Dev in stone.\nMahmud of Ghazni, upon hearing the description of the richness of the Somnath temple by Al\nBiruni, an Arab traveller, visited this temple in 1024 AD. At that time, this temple had about 300\nmusicians, 500 dancing girls and 300 barbers to shave off the heads of pilgrims. After a two\nday’s battle, Mahmud destroyed the temple and carried away jewels and gold to his homeland.\nIn all, the Somnath temple was rebuilt and destroyed eight times. This temple was finally rebuilt\nin 1950 with the support of Sardar Vallabhabhai Patel. The current temple was built as per the\ntraditional designs on the original site by the sea and is a serene, symmetrical, and sinuous\nstructure. Today, this majestic temple is a replica of the earlier temple.\nLater Bhalka Tirth – Bhalka Tirth is situated halfway between Veraval and Somnath. At this\nplace, Lord Krishna was mistaken for a deer and wounded by an arrow. It is here that Lord\nKrishna decided to leave his human form and proceed to the eternal world.\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Somnath-Ahmedabad","desc":"After breakfast drive to Ahmedabad. Enroute visit Akshardham Temple.\nAkshardham: Lord Swaminarayan, born in Chapaya in Uttar Pradesh, took a seven-year\npilgrimage in Gujarat to preach his religion. He built six temples, the first being at Kalupur in\nAhmedabad. Akshardham, the Swaminarayan temple of Gandhinagar, is a modern complex,\nbuilt in traditional Indian architectural style from 6,000 metric tons of pink Rajasthan\nsandstone, carved by expert artisans from Bansipahadpur. The temple is set in a multi-acre\ngarden called Sahajanand Van, with intricate sculptures of Hindu Gods. There is a gold leaf\ncopper sculpture of Lord Swaminarayan that faces similar sculptures of Gunatinand Swami. The\ninteriors have beautiful columns in rosewood that rise up to a high dome. Akshardham remains\nclosed on Mondays.\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Ahmedabad-Mount Abu","desc":"After breakfast drive to Mount Abu visiting Modhera – Sun temple enroute.\nModhera: The Sun temple of Modhera is one of the finest examples of Indian architecture of its\nperiod. Built in 1026 A.D. the temple is dedicated to the Sun-God, Surya and stands high on a\nplinth overlooking a deep stone-steeped tank. Every inch of the edifice, both inside and outside\nis magnificently carved with Gods and Goddesses, birds, beasts, and flowers. Sun Temple of\nModhera was built by King Bhimdev I (1026-27) and bears some resemblance to the later and\nfar better known, Sun Temple of Konark in the state of Orissa, which it predates by some 200\nyears. Like that temple, it was designed so that the dawn sun shone on the image of Surya, the\nsun God, at the time of the equinoxes. The main hall and shrine are reached through a pillared\nporch and the temple exterior is intricately and delicately carved. As with the temple of\nSomnath, this fine temple was ruined by Mohamed of Ghazni.\nLater continue to drive and visit Siddhpur.\nSiddhpur – a sacred town in the north of Ahmedabad. It is situated on the left bank of the river\nSaraswati, around 24 kms upstream of Anhilwad Patan, the old capital of Gujarat. The town is a\nrevered destination, flanked by temples, kunds, ashrams and other sacred structures. In Vedas,\nthis modern day Sidhpur is mentioned as ‘Shristhal’ or a ‘pious place’. Of the five most holy and\nancient lakes in India is the Bindu Sarovar, which lies here in Siddhpur. According to the Hindu\nreligion, it is said that as the obsequies offerings to the paternal ancestors must be made at\nGaya, so corresponding offerings to the maternal ancestors must be performed at Sidhpur. Thus,\nSidhpur has the importance of ‘Matru Gaya’ or ‘Matru Shraddh’, a place where people come\nannually to perform the rituals for their mothers who are in heavenly abode.\nThe town also holds importance for the Bohra Muslims, an affluent Muslim community spread\nall over the world. They have contributed significantly to the development of Sidhpur. Their old\nHavelis and mansions, some over 100 years old have a markedly European flavour and a walk\nthrough the ‘Bohra Vad’ is like a stroll through an England.\nLater continue to drive and visit Ambaji temple.\nAmbaji – Ambaji Temple contains no idol, but an inscribed Yantra in the niche. Ambaji is\nessentially a temple town-with a temple dedicated to Goddess Ambaji at the centre. The Ambaji\nTemple and the front court ‘Chachar no Chowk’ are aligned in the same axis of the cave at\nGabbar hill-the original abode of Goddess Ambaji.: 22 kms from Danta is one of the major\nShakti-piths of India, situated in the Arasur hills. The present temple was constructed a few\nyears ago, maintaining the original architectural style. Millions of pilgrims visit the temple every\nyear-especially during Navratri to seek the blessing of Goddess Ambaji.\nLater continue to drive and arrive Mount Abu; arrive and transfer to your hotel.\nAt 1200 meters, Mt. Abu is the highest point of the Aravalli Range passing through Rajasthan.\nThe only hill resort of Rajasthan, it is built around a lake and is surrounded by forested hills.\nAccording to a legend, the place derives its name from Arbuda, a serpent who descended to the\nspot to rescue Shiva’s bull, Nandi. Besides having all the features of a pleasant hill resort, Mount\nAbu is also a center of pilgrimage for Jains on account of the famous Dilwara Temples. There are\ninteresting treks and picnic spots, romantic royal retreats of various erstwhile royal families,\nand some relics of the Raj period.\nAlso visit Nakki Lake and see the strange rock formations around it including Toad Rock. The\nAchalgarh fort has the famous Achaleshwar temple and provides superb views of the area.\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Mount Abu-Nathdwara","desc":"After breakfast proceed for the city tour of Mount Abu. Visit the breathtaking Dilwara temples,\namong the finest examples of Jain architecture with their superb marble carving. The complex\nconsists of five temples built between the eleventh and thirteenth century. The intricate\nornamental carvings here represent the great heights reached in stone decoration.\nLater drive to Nathdwara. Arrive in Nathdwara and transfer to your hotel.\nNathdwara is sited on the right bank of Banas River. Nathdwara is famous for its 17th century\ntemple that is dedicated to Lord Shrinath ji (Lord Krishna). The term 'Nathdwara' suggests the\n'gate of the lord'. Shrinath ji Temple is also known as 'Haveli of Shrinath ji' and makes a\nprominent pilgrimage for the Hindus / Vaishnavas. The temple has a story behind its\nestablishment. According to the legend, the image of Lord Shrinath ji was enshrined in\nVrindavan (land of Lord Krishna), but to protect the idol from the destructive rage ofAurangzeb. In 1672, Rana Raj Singh was the only gallant, who tried to rescue the idol from the\ndomain of Aurangzeb. It is said that when the image was being shifted to an impervious place\nthen at a place, the wheel of vehicle sank deep down in mud. The image refused to move further,\nso the escorting priest apprehended that this was Lord's chosen spot. Thus, a temple was built\non the same spot.\nLater visit Nathdwara – Shrinath ji. See the 18 th century Shrinath ji temple, one of the most\nimportant shrines for devotees of Krishna. This simple shrine houses a black stone image of\nVishnu brought from Mathura in 1669 to protect it from Aurangzeb’s destructive forces. Non-\nHindus are not allowed inside. The outside has interesting paintings. The 400-year-old tradition\nof Pichwai painting (cloth paintings with religious themes) originated here.\nLater visit Dwarkadhish Temple in Kankroli.\nKankroli Temple is popularly called as temple of Dwarkadhish. Dwarkadhish is one of the\nnames of Lord Krishna. This Temple is the most significant temple of the Vaishnavas and\nVallabh Acharya sect. The chief deity of Kankroli temple is believed to have been imported from\nMathura, the hometown of Lord Krishna. Kankroli temple is the biggest temple of Lord\nDwarkadhish in Kankroli and ranks very high among all the temples of Vallabh Acharya.\nDwarkadhish Temple offers a tranquil view of the cool and calm Rajsamand Lake.\nOvernight at hotel","meals":"","htlId":0},{"title":"Nathdwara-Ahmedabad-Departure","desc":"After breakfast drive to Ahmedabad enroute visit Shamlaji temple.\nThere is a small shrine on the way from the Shamlaji Temple to the Meshwo river, where an\nimage of a standing Ganesha idol from the Late-Gupta period is still worshiped. The temple at\nHarishchandra ni chori probably dates to the 10th century A.D. It has a rectangular sanctum\nwith a large pavilion in front. The whole structure is enclosed within the courtyard. The walls of\nthis courtyard have fallen but the ornamental gateway (toran) still stands.\nNumerous temples in ruins, ancient brick-work and scattered idols found at Shamlaji show that\nsince ancient times it has been a popular and important center of pilgrimage on the highway\nbetween Gujarat and Rajasthan. Devni Mori, a place about two kms from Shamlaji, is having\nremains of a Buddhist monastery from around 3rd-4th century AD. The stupa, which is\nconsidered as a sharir stupa, has proved the presence of Buddhists in Vadnagar. Excavating of\nthe stupa brought to light an inscribed casket which contained relics of Buddha. It is quite clear\nthat the bodily relics found in this casket were of Buddha.\nBeing a place of pilgrimage established at a picturesque spot, there are several other ancient\nshrines scattered all over this place. Amongst them is the small temple of Trilokeshwer just\nopposite Shamlaji has a beautiful and unusual idol of Shiva with the trident. The Kashi-\nVishwanath Mahadev is a simple but ancient temple, which is about seven feet below ground\nlevel. The temple of Ranchhodji is on the opposite bank. There is also the tomb of Navgaja Pir, a\nmaulvi (Muslim cleric) close by visited by many Adivasis.\nLater in time transfer to Ahmedabad Airport / Railway Station to board a flight / train for your\nonward journey to your next destination.","meals":"","htlId":0}],"terms":{"inc":["2 Nights Accommodation In Ahmedabad at Mentioned Hotel or Similar","2 Nights Accommodation In Dwarka at Mentioned Hotel or Similar","1 Nights Accommodation In Somnath at Mentioned Hotel or Similar","1 Nights Accommodation In Mount Abu at Mentioned Hotel or Similar","2 Nights Accommodation In Nathdwara at Mentioned Hotel or Similar","Meal Plan As Mentioned above.","All currently applicable taxes.","All transfers, city tours and transport services by air-conditioned All India Tourist","permit Vehicle as per the above itinerary.","Road taxes, parking fee, fuel charges, interstate taxes.","Transportation cost based on AC Sedan car as per the program-4 Adults","Transportation cost based on AC Toyota Crysta car as per the program-6 Adults"],"exc":["Any Kind of Personal Expenses or Optional Tours / Extra Meals Ordered","Anything not specifically mentioned under the head “Prices included”.","The Services of Vehicle is not included on leisure days & after finishing the sightseeing tour as per the Itinerary","Guide fees, Safari Charges, Camera fee , Park & any monument Entrances etc..","Visa charges, Medical & Travel insurance","Items of personal nature like laundry, telephone calls, room service charges, soft drinks and hard drink charges, etc","Room Heater Charges at hill station, Table drinks ,tips etc.,","GST 5% & TCS 5%","Cost incidental to any change in the itinerary/stay on account of flight cancellation due to bad weather, ill health and road blocks, and/or any factors beyond control.","The payments for additional services taken at the hotel are to be settled directly at the hotel like room heater charges","Surcharges Extra for late night arrivals / Early moring Departures if any (2000hrs to 0700hrs)","Mandatory Gala dinner Supplement on specific festive dates like Diwali, Christmas and New year period etc will be borne by guest directly.","Any changes you may choose to make during your tour","Any Kind of Personal Expenses or Optional Tours / Extra Meals Ordered"],"terms":["Rates valid for Indian national Air tickets and hotels are subject to availability.","It is mandatory for guests to present valid photo identifications at the time of checking. The identification proofs accepted are Driving License, Aadhar Card, Passport. Without valid ID the guest will not be allowed to check in. Note- PAN Cards will not be accepted as a valid ID card.","All transfers and sightseeing are as per the Itinerary/package and in case of Air Conditioned vehicles, It will be switched off in the hills.","The inclusion of extra bed with a booking is facilitated with a folding cot or a mattress as an extra bed.","Early check-in or late check-out is subject to availability and may be chargeable by the hotel.","The standard check-in time is 1400hrs and the standard check-out time is 1000hrs.","Any kind of personal expenses (Laundry, room service etc..) or optional tours/ extra meals are not inclusive in the package cost.","The hotel reserves the right of admission. Accommodation can be denied to guests posing as a couple if suitable proof of identification is not presented at check-in. Via.com will not be responsible for any check-in denied by the hotel due to the aforesaid reason.","In case of non-availability of above mentioned hotels similar category hotel will be provided.","Via.com reserves the right to change/modify or terminate the offer any time at its own discretion and without any prior notice.","Mandatory Gala dinner Supplement on Christmas and New year period will be borne by guest directly.","Via.com will not bear any cost for flight cancelled or delayed due to bad weather or any other reason given by the airline, cost of accommodation and transport in such cases will have to be borne by Passenger","There would be no refund for the road blocks at any places enroute due to natural calamity. The alternate accommodation cost at any places enroute should be bear by the passenger directly.","No Refund or Compensation for any unused services or transport in any kind of circumstance.","Room allotment will be as per availability at the time of check in, floor or view preferences are not guaranteed.","Food menu as per availability of vegetables based on Buffet | Fixed menus.","These are promotional rates and can be withdrawn at any time without prior notice.","Pricing of package is based on the correct age. Booking with incorrect age may incur penalty at later stage.","Due to Covid restrictions we urge all to check before leaving to particular Country /region/state their norms with govt official websites / individual Country /state websites & top publications from time to time."],"canc":["As Per Hotel Policy","Normal Cancellation Charges per person","Up to 30 days prior to date of departure -Initial deposit amount - 25% of the tour cost (Non Refundable) per person","Between 22 days to 29 days prior to departure - 50% of tour cost ( We need 50% payment as well)","Between 16 days to 21 days prior to departure - 75% of tour cost","Less than 15 days prior to departure - 100% of tour cost","This policy may vary as per hotels booked & also during Apr, May and Jun months, Diwali / Dussehra and New Year period and Long Weekends will go up to 100% cancellation - After confirmation.","Bank transaction charges apply on credit card/net banking refunds.","Air ticket cost non refundable & no reschedule policy"],"addon":[],"checklist":[]},"combo":{"trns":[{}],"see":[{}]},"price":{"totalFare":{"twin":{"amount":32143},"quad":{"amount":26450},"wekEndSur":{"amount":0},"chdBed":{"amount":8395},"triple":{"amount":0},"hex":{"amount":21045},"dscnt":{"amount":0},"smlChd":{"amount":0},"sng":{"amount":0},"tpm":{"amount":64285},"inft":{"amount":-1},"markup":{"amount":15},"chdWoBed":{"amount":7475},"extrAdt":{"amount":8395}}},"simPkgs":[]}],"hotelDetails":{"22331":{"id":22331,"name":"Rising Sun Retreat","images":["https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_1_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_2_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_3_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_4_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_5_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_6_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_7_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_8_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_9_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_10_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_11_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_12_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_13_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_14_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_15_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_16_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_17_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_18_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/1/22331/22331_19_f.jpg"],"desc":"Rising Sun Retreat is surrounded with lush green landscaped garden and terraces, it presents the quiet and tranquil ambiance of sublime significance and the rooms over looks the beautiful surroundings. The resort offers Eco - Friendly environment with pure and natural scenic beauty all around. The large garden area of the Resort is ideal for rest and relaxation. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and honeymooners. Situated at a prime location of the hill station threshold. The resort is cool, comfortable and peaceful place which offers all the modern amenities","starCategory":2,"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"229038":{"id":229038,"name":"Le Grande Residency","images":[],"desc":"This centrally air-conditioned hotel is located close to the Parimal Garden. There are 40 guestrooms; including 12 executive rooms and 27 rooms are Deluxe Rooms and 1 Luxury Suit. A multi-cuisine restaurant by the name of Spice Zone Restaurant serves a variety of food with a blend of taste and nutrition value, and offer Punjabi, Continental, Chinese and Thai cuisines. A 4000 sq feet banquet space is also available for official and unofficial gatherings.","starCategory":3,"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"1319164":{"id":1319164,"name":"The Grand Dwarika","images":[],"desc":"Our hotel signifies warmth and friendliness, simplicity with style, convenience and affordability for all executives and travelers. We, The Grand Dwarika situated at Dwarka HO, Dwarka-Gujarat, Gujarat, provide you with a luxurious experience beyond all expectations. The hotel is an exemplary showcase of the contemporary and elegant in its ambiance, distinguished by the latest business technology, modern amenities, and impeccable hospitality. Our hotel is an excellent choice for leisure and business travelers - for the flawless blend of luxury, comfort and state-of-the-art amenities.","starCategory":2,"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"1367523":{"id":1367523,"name":"Crimson Park - Shripriya Hotel-Nathdwara - Hotel in Nathdwara","images":[],"desc":"We believe In rendering excellent services to all our guest , the brand ethics clearly defines the dedication and team effort to ensure every service /stay is memorable one. Every product and services is designed on international standards of hospitality and comforts . We learn from the guest feedback ,they keep us driving towards the excellence. Formed for the Gen x travelers we are determined to deliver value for money services. Our ever enduring team ensures peronalisation in every service to enhance guest experience for a memorable stay.","starCategory":2,"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"2122115":{"id":2122115,"name":"Hotel Marigold Somnath","images":[],"desc":"Hotel Marigold Located in Somnath District of Gir Somnath, the city of Somnath is an important seat of India’s Hindu Heritage which houses one of the holiest Hindu pilgrimage sites. Shree Somnath is first among the twelve aadi jyotirlings of India. It has a strategic location on the western coast of India. This Hotel Marigold offers 35 beautifully furnished rooms. The rooms have been done up in a smart, contemporary décor with an inviting ambiance and come equipped with a complete range of modern amenities. At this beautiful hotel in Somnath, some of the rooms also a spectacular view of the Somnath Temple.","starCategory":0,"latitude":0,"longitude":0}},"searchInfo":{"searchData":{"destinationData":[{"id":92271,"cat":"pkg","name":""}],"numNights":2},"departure":"2024-03-03","roomDetails":[{"passengerTypes":{"adt":2}}]},"webDta":{"hdr":{"priNavEl":[{"dsplyNm":"Flights","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/","className":"via_products_flt","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":20},{"dsplyNm":"Hotels","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/hotels","className":"via_products_hotel","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":22},{"dsplyNm":"Holidays","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/holidays","className":"via_products_pkg","selected":true,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":28},{"dsplyNm":"Bus","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/bus-tickets","className":"via_products_bus","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":40},{"dsplyNm":"Forex","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/forex","className":"via_products_forex","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":41},{"dsplyNm":"Cabs","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/cab-bookings","className":"via_products_cabs","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":56,"navId":""},{"subEleLst":[{"dsplyNm":"Send Enquiry for INTL Cruise","dsplyUrl":"https://forms.gle/WcvZhM1oy5XEhj4A8","className":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":694,"orderInMenuTree":1}],"dsplyNm":"Cruise","dsplyUrl":"https://cruises.via.com/","className":"via_products_cruise","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":60}],"secNavEl":[{"dsplyNm":"Download App","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/mobile/app_download?utm_source=dsiteheader","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Offers","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/offers","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Support","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/contact-us","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Cancellations","dsplyUrl":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Booking Status","dsplyUrl":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Sign In","dsplyUrl":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0}],"phNum":"(080) 46 41 41 41","emlId":"care@via.com"},"ftr":{"cht":{"chtId":"3063-183-10-3353","grpId":"7e6fda20bc8e4fb70712e8ff7faf4bf1","hdrMsg":"Need Help? 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