{"packageExtras":{"94385":{"extraTypeMap":{"OTHERS":[],"EXTRANIGHT":[],"TRANSPORT_SIGHTSEEING":[],"HONEYMOON_INCLUSION":[],"ATTRACTION":[],"TRANSFERS":[],"TRANSPORT_ITINERARY":[],"TRANSPORT_TRANSFERS":[],"SIGHTSEEING":[],"MEALS":[]}}},"packageData":[{"id":94385,"info":{"name":"From Madrid to Paris Package for 7 Days (Europamundo Package)","srcIds":[3217],"srcnm":["Madrid"],"desc":"","nts":6,"currency":"INR","isdom":false,"bookable":false,"stDate":"2018-04-01","enDate":"2019-03-31","images":["https://images.via.com/static/img/destinations/madrid/645x350/0.jpg","https://images.via.com/static/img/destinations/madrid/645x350/1.jpg","https://images.via.com/static/img/destinations/barcelona/645x350/0.jpg","https://images.via.com/static/img/destinations/barcelona/645x350/1.jpg","https://images.via.com/static/img/destinations/paris/645x350/0.jpg","https://images.via.com/static/img/destinations/paris/645x350/1.jpg"],"tags":["Via Recommended"],"star":{"name":"4 Star"},"boDates":[{"startDate":"2018-04-07","endDate":"2018-04-07"},{"startDate":"2018-04-14","endDate":"2018-04-14"},{"startDate":"2018-04-21","endDate":"2018-04-21"},{"startDate":"2018-04-28","endDate":"2018-04-28"},{"startDate":"2018-05-05","endDate":"2018-05-05"},{"startDate":"2018-05-12","endDate":"2018-05-12"},{"startDate":"2018-05-19","endDate":"2018-05-19"},{"startDate":"2018-05-26","endDate":"2018-05-26"},{"startDate":"2018-06-02","endDate":"2018-06-02"},{"startDate":"2018-06-09","endDate":"2018-06-09"},{"startDate":"2018-06-16","endDate":"2018-06-16"},{"startDate":"2018-06-23","endDate":"2018-06-23"},{"startDate":"2018-06-30","endDate":"2018-06-30"},{"startDate":"2018-07-07","endDate":"2018-07-07"},{"startDate":"2018-07-14","endDate":"2018-07-14"},{"startDate":"2018-07-21","endDate":"2018-07-21"},{"startDate":"2018-07-28","endDate":"2018-07-28"},{"startDate":"2018-08-04","endDate":"2018-08-04"},{"startDate":"2018-08-11","endDate":"2018-08-11"},{"startDate":"2018-08-18","endDate":"2018-08-18"},{"startDate":"2018-08-25","endDate":"2018-08-25"},{"startDate":"2018-09-01","endDate":"2018-09-01"},{"startDate":"2018-09-08","endDate":"2018-09-08"},{"startDate":"2018-09-15","endDate":"2018-09-15"},{"startDate":"2018-09-23","endDate":"2018-09-23"},{"startDate":"2018-09-29","endDate":"2018-09-29"},{"startDate":"2018-10-06","endDate":"2018-10-06"},{"startDate":"2018-10-13","endDate":"2018-10-13"},{"startDate":"2018-10-20","endDate":"2018-10-20"},{"startDate":"2018-10-27","endDate":"2018-10-27"},{"startDate":"2018-11-03","endDate":"2018-11-03"},{"startDate":"2018-11-10","endDate":"2018-11-10"},{"startDate":"2018-11-17","endDate":"2018-11-17"},{"startDate":"2018-11-24","endDate":"2018-11-24"},{"startDate":"2018-12-01","endDate":"2018-12-01"},{"startDate":"2018-12-08","endDate":"2018-12-08"},{"startDate":"2018-12-15","endDate":"2018-12-15"},{"startDate":"2018-12-22","endDate":"2018-03-22"},{"startDate":"2018-12-29","endDate":"2018-12-29"},{"startDate":"2019-01-05","endDate":"2019-01-05"},{"startDate":"2019-01-12","endDate":"2019-01-12"},{"startDate":"2019-01-19","endDate":"2019-01-19"},{"startDate":"2019-01-26","endDate":"2019-01-26"},{"startDate":"2019-02-02","endDate":"2019-02-02"},{"startDate":"2019-02-09","endDate":"2019-02-09"},{"startDate":"2019-02-16","endDate":"2019-02-16"},{"startDate":"2019-02-23","endDate":"2019-02-23"},{"startDate":"2019-03-02","endDate":"2019-03-02"},{"startDate":"2019-03-09","endDate":"2019-03-09"},{"startDate":"2019-03-16","endDate":"2019-03-16"},{"startDate":"2019-03-23","endDate":"2019-03-23"},{"startDate":"2019-03-30","endDate":"2019-03-30"}],"surDates":[],"leadId":-1},"itin":[{"cityId":3217,"city":"Madrid","nts":2,"htlIds":[523834],"mlPlan":"Breakfast"},{"cityId":433,"city":"Barcelona","nts":2,"htlIds":[510394],"mlPlan":"Breakfast"},{"cityId":4237,"city":"Paris","nts":2,"htlIds":[506388],"mlPlan":"Breakfast"}],"itinDesc":[],"terms":{"inc":["2 Nights Accomodation in mentioned or similar Hotel in Madrid.","2 Nights Accomodation in mentioned or similar Hotel in Barcelona.","2 Nights Accomodation in mentioned or similar Hotel in Paris.","Terms of Europamundo: Travel by bus with English speaking guide, basic travel insurance, and breakfast buffet.","Includes arrival transfer","City tour in: MADRID, BARCELONA, PARIS","Boat: Boat Trip along River Seine in PARIS","Evening transfer: Debod Temple and Plaza de Espana/Gran Via in MADRID, Plaza de Oriente in Madrid in MADRID, Ramblas and Plaza de Cataluna in BARCELONA, Quartier Latin in Paris in PARIS","Ticket admission: Plaza de Toros de las Ventas in MADRID, Poblet Monastery in Poblet, Poble Espanyol in BARCELONA, 2nd Floor Eiffel Tower in PARIS","Train: Montserrat in Montserrat"],"exc":["Airfare not included","Visa charges are additional.","Any expenses of personal nature such as porterage, laundry, wines, mineral/bottled water, food and drink not in the regular menus provided by us, mini bar and telephone calls.","Any other items not mentioned in the Inclusion","City bed taxes if applicable as per the city of visit.","Expenses which are personal in nature tips, Laundry, drinks etc.","Extras in hotels, optional activities, and usually drinks during meals.","Government Service tax 5.0%"],"terms":["Passport Copies for all the bookings made is mandatory and requires to send us the first page and last page.","Payment for all bookings must reach our office prior to commencement date of cancellation as applicable.","The services provided by Europamundo Vacaciones S.L. are overland.","Europamundo Vacaciones S.L.is not responsible for the consequences or circumstances arising from services that are not provided by our company (flight problems,loss of or damage to luggage on flights, problems at borders/customs or those relating to documentation,etc.).","Non Admittance of Passengers-A moderate degree of physical health and physical ability is required to participate in our tours.In the event of any passenger with special physical or mental needs,or in cases where a passenger is over 75 years of age is travelling alone,Europamundo must be informed in writing at the time of booking, which will be analysed on a case by case basis,and it is possible that Europamundo may request a medical report.In cases in which the customer accepts the tour,Europamundo cannot assume any responsibility in relation to the difficulty or impossibility that the said passenger may encounter in undertaking the activities planned for the tour package, nor can they assume any responsibility for providing assistance for their adaptation to, or continuation of, the trip. No reservations will be accepted and Europamundo reserves the right to suspend any tour for passengers whose physical and/or mental conditions make their participation in it very difficult or dangerous to themselves or others.Europamundo likewise reserves the right to exclude passengers who significantly disrupt the smooth-running of the trip.","Documentation- All passengers must bring their valid documentation (passport, visas, health certificates, etc.), with the problems and disadvantages that may arise from non-compliance with this norm being their full responsibility.The interruption of the services taken out is not considered Cancellation for force majeure where the passenger is not carrying the required documentation or in instances where the traveller is denied passage through any border for this reason.It should be pointed out that we often note that the European border authorities often deny transit to passengers who they believe have acquired the trip for purposes other than tourism (immigrants).","Europamundo cannot undertake any arrangements or make any reimbursement for services that cannot be used in such cases.Cancelling a tour before it starts due to a rejected visa application is, however, considered to be through force majeure (provided that this is documented or noted in the passport, and that we are notified within 72 hours following the refusal).","Guaranteed Departures- All our tours have guaranteed departures, although in extremely limited cases, it could transpire that Europamundo is unable to operate a given departure.In this case, and by way of compensation, Europamundo will provide the same trip on an earlier or later date than the one chosen or another trip with similar features vis-a-vis duration and route, and offer, by way of compensation, a reduction of 50% on the value of the aforementioned journey.","Cancellations of guaranteed departures may arise (without compensation or liability on behalf of Europamundo) in cases of exceptional unforeseen circumstances - among others - wartime conflicts, terrorist attacks, natural disasters, epidemics and economic circumstances that generate a very significant drop in the expected sales.","Meeting Point or Departure Point- Unless otherwise stated, the starting point for the beginning of a tour is the hotel, if this was booked as an additional night or as a stop-over or end-point for another Europamundo itinerary.It is very important that travellers check the place of departure on their travel pass.No shows at that place on the date and time confirmed can involve losing the purchased services without any right to a refund of the same, with a lack of punctuality incurring the same consequences,both at the beginning of a tour and during the course of the same.","Additional Nights- The prices listed for Additional Nights are only valid for travellers who purchase tours with Europamundo,provided that these nights immediately precede or are a direct extension of our tour.Given that Europamundo has no places reserved in hotels for these additional nights, we cannot guarantee either the rate (which in periods of high hotel occupancy or difficulty may vary), or the hotel that is booked, which in many cases will be confirmed at the last minute.","Transfer Policy- They transfers included for the trip are specified on a tour by tour basis. In the event that transfers are included, which could be private or shared with other passengers, these may be provided from hotel to hotel or from the airport in the city where the passenger will join the tour to the hotel (or vice versa) at the beginning or end of the trip, with the right to the aforementioned transfer being lost where the passenger has arranged nights in between through a different travel company or where the airport / port is located at a distance of over 40 km. In the event that the traveller themselves request a change to this service, responsibility for this transfer is linked to the correct information on the number of the flight / train / hotel, with it being the passenger or travel agent&","146;s responsibility, in this case, to pass on this information.","Shared Bookings- Europamundo will accept shared bookings for individual travellers on all our tours at an additional cost of 35 Euros. No reservations will be accepted for sharing on nights that are added on to the tours. In cases where a section of the trip is taken, shared reservations are accepted only if the length of the section includes at least 7 nights in hotels.","Double Bedrooms and Triple Bedrooms- Europamundo cannot guarantee that all the rooms in the hotels will have double beds and it is possible that, in some hotels, the room will be a twin (two single beds). In many hotels there are no triple rooms, with these actually being a double room (of one or two beds) with an additional bed (which in some cases might be a folding one). The conditions and comfort are lower than in the doubles. We do not recommend booking triple rooms for three adults; we would only suggest this for families travelling with a child.","Children under 3 years of age go Free (they do not have the right to a seat in the coach or to a bed in the hotel)","Children from 3 to 8 years of age are entitled to a discount of 40% (with a minimum of one adult per child)","Children from 9 to 15 years of age are entitled to a 10% discount on the value of the trip.","Europamundo will not accept any liability for the loss or theft of luggage occurring at the hotels or where bags are left in the hold of the coaches overnight. Europamundo cannot accept responsibility for the loss or theft of baggage, money, jewellery, electronic items or valuables, even when this occurs in the rooms of the hotels or if the items have been deposited in the safe-deposit box. In the event that passengers travel with luggage that has a higher value than is covered in the included policy, we recommend making a declaration for these items before commencing a tour and taking out additional insurance.","Changes in Prices- In countries where our catalogues publish the prices for European tours in dollars, the published prices have been calculated at the rates of exchange prevailing at the time that the catalogue was created (November 2015) and these will not be modified if the average monthly comparison in the month before that in which the booking was made, for the dollar against the Euro, was not less than 1.12 USD / Euro and not more than 1.28 USD / Euro.In the event of variations above or below the specified values, the prices of this manual will be altered (increased or decreased) by the same proportion.","Prices in 2017- In the event that customers wish to take a trip during 2017 which start after the dates specified in this catalogue,Europamundo will uphold the price indicated in this brochure if passengers make a firm booking with the deposit being received before the 15th of January 2017.This booking does not allow changes to the itinerary, alterations to the departure date or name changes..","For all international holiday bookings, it is mandatory to share the copies of the Particulars page and Address page of the passport of all travellers."],"canc":["ooking Policy are as follows","A non-refundable, non- transferable deposit of EUR 100 per person is required to guarantee the booking.","Final payment for your vacation is due 30 days prior to the departure","The customer may cancel the services requested or booked at any time, whereby they are entitled to a refund for the amounts paid, but must compensate the agency (Via.com a sum of INR 2500 per person), except in cases of force majeure, The processing costs plus the cost of cancellation, if these have been incurred, once the journey has been confirmed by Europa Mundo and regardless of the departure date.","Cancellation Policy","Before departure, Cancellation fee per person","31 days or more- Euro 100 will be charged","less than 30 days- Euro 100 + 10% of the total tour cost","Less than 10 days- Euro 100 + 25% of the total tour cost","Less than 3 days- Euro 100 + 35% of the total tour cost","Less than 1 day- 100% of the total tour cost","No shows at the start, without prior cancellation, will not be entitled to any refund (except through force majeure, which will be examined on a case by case basis)."]},"combo":{"see":[{}],"trns":[{}]},"price":{"totalFare":{"twin":{"amount":64338},"smlChd":{"amount":0},"sng":{"amount":93437},"dscnt":{"amount":12},"chdWoBed":{"amount":0},"tpm":{"amount":128591},"triple":{"amount":0},"quad":{"amount":0},"wekEndSur":{"amount":0},"markup":{"amount":10},"chdBed":{"amount":0},"extrAdt":{"amount":0},"hex":{"amount":0},"inft":{"amount":-84}}},"simPkgs":[]}],"hotelDetails":{"506388":{"id":506388,"name":"Courtyard by Marriott Paris Saint Denis","images":["https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_1_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_2_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_3_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_4_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_5_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_6_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_7_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_8_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_9_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_10_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_11_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_12_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_13_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_14_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_15_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_16_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_17_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/506388/506388_18_f.jpg"],"desc":"Property Location When you stay at Courtyard by Marriott Paris Saint Denis in Saint-Denis, youll be in the business district and close to Stade du France and Sacred Heart Basilica. This 4-star hotel is within close proximity of Millennium Mall and Musee de Montmartre. Rooms Make yourself at home in one of the 150 guestrooms featuring refrigerators and flat-screen televisions. Satellite programming provides entertainment, and wired and wireless Internet access is available for a surcharge. Bathrooms have complimentary toiletries and hair dryers. Conveniences include safes and desks, as well as phones with voice mail. Rec, Spa, Premium Amenities Take advantage of recreation opportunities such as a 24-hour fitness facility or take in the view from a rooftop terrace and a garden. Additional features include complimentary wireless Internet access, gift shops/newsstands, and a fireplace in the lobby. Dining Grab a bite from a grocery store, or stay in and take advantage of the hotels room service (during limited hours). Quench your thirst with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge. Business, Other Amenities Featured amenities include a business center, currency exchange, and complimentary newspapers in the lobby. Planning an event in Saint-Denis? This hotel has facilities measuring 1345 square feet (125 square meters), including small meeting rooms. Parking (subject to charges) is available onsite.","starCategory":4,"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"510394":{"id":510394,"name":"Hotel FrontAir Congress Barcelona","images":["https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_1_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_2_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_3_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_4_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_5_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_6_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_7_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_8_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_9_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_10_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_11_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_12_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_13_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_14_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_15_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_16_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/510394/510394_17_f.jpg"],"desc":"Property Location When you stay at Hotel Front Air Congress Aeropuerto in Sant Boi de Llobregat, youll be close to Church of Colonia Guell. This 4-star hotel is within the vicinity of Anec Blau Shopping Center and Castelldefels Castle. Rooms Make yourself at home in one of the 239 air-conditioned guestrooms. Complimentary wireless Internet access is available to keep you connected. Bathrooms have bathtubs and hair dryers. Conveniences include direct-dial phones, as well as safes and desks. Rec, Spa, Premium Amenities Pamper yourself with onsite massages, body treatments, and facials. Youre sure to appreciate the recreational amenities, including a health club, an indoor pool, and a sauna. Guests can catch a ride to nearby destinations on the complimentary area shuttle. Dining Satisfy your appetite at the hotels restaurant, which serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dining is also available at a coffee shop/caf, and room service (during limited hours) is provided. Quench your thirst with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge. Business, Other Amenities Featured amenities include complimentary high-speed (wired) Internet access, a business center, and computer rentals. Event facilities at this hotel consist of a conference center, conference/meeting rooms, and small meeting rooms. A roundtrip airport shuttle is complimentary (available 24 hours).","starCategory":4,"latitude":0,"longitude":0},"523834":{"id":523834,"name":"Praga","images":["https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_1_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_2_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_3_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_4_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_5_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_6_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_7_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_8_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_9_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_10_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_11_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_12_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_13_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_14_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_15_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_16_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_17_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_18_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_19_f.jpg","https://images4.via.com/static/hotel/images/21/523834/523834_20_f.jpg"],"desc":"Property Location With a stay at Praga in Madrid (Carabanchel), you'll be convenient to Vicente Calderon Stadium and Plaza Mayor. This 4-star hotel is within close proximity of La Casa Encendida and El Rastro. Rooms Make yourself at home in one of the 420 air-conditioned rooms featuring minibars. Windows open to city and courtyard views. Wireless Internet access (surcharge) keeps you connected, and satellite programming is available for your entertainment. Bathrooms feature bathtubs or showers, complimentary toiletries, and bidets. Rec, Spa, Premium Amenities Make use of convenient amenities such as wireless Internet access (surcharge), concierge services, and wedding services. Dining Grab a bite to eat at the hotel's restaurant, which features a bar, or stay in and take advantage of room service (during limited hours). Quench your thirst with your favorite drink at a bar/lounge. Hot/cold buffet breakfasts are served in the restaurant for a fee. Business, Other Amenities Featured amenities include high-speed (wired) Internet access (surcharge), a 24-hour business center, and a computer station. Planning an event in Madrid? This hotel has 495 square feet (46-212 square meters) of space consisting of a ballroom, banquet facilities, and exhibit space. Parking (subject to charges) is available onsite.","starCategory":4,"latitude":0,"longitude":0}},"searchInfo":{"searchData":{"destinationData":[{"id":85062,"cat":"pkg","name":""}],"numNights":2},"departure":"2018-06-20","roomDetails":[{"passengerTypes":{"adt":2}}]},"webDta":{"hdr":{"priNavEl":[{"dsplyNm":"Flights","dsplyUrl":"http://in.via.com/","className":"via_products_flt","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":20},{"dsplyNm":"Hotels","dsplyUrl":"http://in.via.com/hotels","className":"via_products_hotel","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":22},{"dsplyNm":"Holidays","dsplyUrl":"http://in.via.com/holidays","className":"via_products_pkg","selected":true,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":28},{"dsplyNm":"Bus","dsplyUrl":"http://in.via.com/bus-tickets","className":"via_products_bus","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":40},{"dsplyNm":"Forex","dsplyUrl":"http://in.via.com/forex","className":"via_products_forex","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":41},{"dsplyNm":"Mice","dsplyUrl":"http://in.via.com/mice","className":"via_product_mice","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":56}],"secNavEl":[{"dsplyNm":"Download App","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/mobile/app_download?utm_source=dsiteheader","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Deals","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/offers","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Support","dsplyUrl":"https://in.via.com/contact-us","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Cancellations","dsplyUrl":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Booking Status","dsplyUrl":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0},{"dsplyNm":"Sign In","dsplyUrl":"","selected":false,"tempNav":false,"parentActionId":0,"orderInMenuTree":0}],"phNum":"(080) 39 41 41 41","emlId":"care@via.com"},"ftr":{"cht":{"chtId":"3063-183-10-3353","grpId":"7e6fda20bc8e4fb70712e8ff7faf4bf1","hdrMsg":"Need Help? Let's Chat!"}},"envDta":{"currentEnv":"IN","isB2CEnv":true,"currencyCode":"INR","currencySymbol":"INR","countryCode":"in","countryName":"India","isMobile":false,"languageSelected":"en","isCmsEditable":false}},"query":{"searchData":{"destinationData":[{"id":"85062","cat":"pkg","name":""}],"numNights":2},"departure":"2018-06-20T15:29:56.522Z","roomDetails":[{"passengerTypes":{"adt":2}}]}}
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